COdESIGN’s mission is to provide unparalleled architecture, interior, & landscape design, of superior quality. The outcome is the result of empowered talent, a brand signature, and an articulate process, all integrated to deliver architectural masterpieces worldwide, with a consistent focus on innovation & creativity as well as meticulous attention to details.COdESIGN’s architecture aims at creating a holistic experience of the senses whereby the spaces unfold in time. One strong concept unifies the whole and orchestrates the relationship of interior to exterior, the flow of the internal spaces and light, and the design and location of furniture to produce a harmonious entity.All the projects are an opportunity to use materials coming from the industrial production and change their codes from common products into signs of architecture. The design research always looks for a correspondence between object and concept. Each project is a combination of space and material so to invite people to have a strong empathy with the ambient they live in.

    All COdESIGN projects are published in Italian and international magazines and books.

    Compasses, an Italian architectural magazine, distributed in the Middle East published an extensive report about COdESIGN interiors.

    Most of COdESIGN projects received many academic prizes.

Who is behind COdESIGN

Dr. Anna Cornaro

Associate Professor, Architect

Valerio de Divitiis

Chief Architect